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Environmental & Horticultural Society (EHS) was established in the year 1997, with a view to generate an enterprise level awareness about one of the most fragile topics for the modern world. Since its' birth, EHS has been actively pursuing its goal of achieving a healthier, greener and a better place for us to live in. Over the lifespan of more than a decade, EHS has participated in many national level events & competition held by other prestigious universities of the country, apart from the events that have been solely and independently organized by the society itself. Tree Plantation drives at the Lahore and Kala Shah Kaku campuses are a regular activity since the past few years as the vision to have a greener campus has been induced with most passionate doses of motivation. The Annual exhibition has become one of the most consistent events in recent years.

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EHS - We work towards making the world a better place to live in.

Think Green.